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Sant Prabhjot Singh

Sant Prabhjot Singh is not a saint, but a researcher of Ayurveda He is engaged in the treatment of cancer through his research There are many people in this society who dedicate their entire life to humanity by dedicating mentality. Vedant Saint Prabhjot Singh Dera Bhai Mastan Singh (Meharaj) is such an infinite man.

Those orphaned children and sad humanity have dedicated their entire life Sant Prabhjot Singh is a highly educated man who invented new medicine by research in Ayurveda. About 33 years ago, he was born with P.T. I have Teacher s In the house of Mahinder Singh, the village Gurbakhshpura (Ganda Singh Wala) was sold to the mother of mother Jagrup Kaur.  Big brother Jugraj Singh is a veterinary pharmacist From Matric Village School, Barve Government College, Malerkotla and Garaduti Desh Bhagat College, Bararwal. They did the MA from Punjabi University Patiala and D-Pharmacy D Degree Akal Degree College, Mastuana (Sangrur). In 1993, after leaving his house in a haphazardy state, he renounced his house He spent 7 years in Barnala and stayed at Dera Baba Gandha Singh.Also, do the same for making Ayurvedic medicines and treating people From 27th March 2003, Dera Bhai Mastan Singh has been serving at Major, District Phul, District Bathinda. On March 3, 2004, Nirmal Panchayati Akhara Kanakhal Haridwar and group Khad Darshan Sadhu Samaj had been tarnished by the society. Earlier, 9 panchayats of the area and the patriots of the area took the form of his gadi nashini.

Sant Prabhjot Singh has started a school of orphan children and is expanding it. Under the Nirmala Charitable Education Trust, Ado Tirtha Singh and Bahadur Singh, at the University of London, H. Are doing this . In this, Dr. Sher Singh and Mr. Mann Mahant Balwant Singh Secretary Nirmal Panchayati Akhara Haridwar Dr. Special Assistance. He has also been assigned Guru Gobind Singh’s Child Leela, Gurdwara Patna Sahib Dee Sevi Sugar, jaundice, arthritis and blood pressure are being distributed to the patients at cost price. Due to computerization of Nirmal Bakha, the oldest texts, Dr Reddy has a redeveloped plan.
According to them, Nirmal Bakhsh was prepared by Guru Nanak for the advancement of education.  We are making every effort to develop and disseminate education through the guidance of Guru Nanak Dev Ji By renouncing your home-land, land, relations and so on, he has developed a right to humanity for his life. They say, “If you earn worldly service, then you get a Dargah sitting.”

Our Charity Members

Mahant Prabhjot Singh
Mehraj, Bathinda

Hari Singh
Vice President
Mehraj, Bathinda

Sarbjit Singh
Bhagthala Kalan, Faridkot

Mahinder Singh
Gurbakshpura, Sangrur

Nirmal Singh
Upli, Barnala

Karamjit Singh
Ena Bajwa, Sangrur

Lakhvir Singh
Mehraj, Bathinda